Raffaele De Leonardo

Since Jan, 2012
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Classical 106 Avant Garde 56 Traditional Classical 48 Classical Piano 42 Modern Classical 29 Orchestral 22 Baroque 15 New Age 13 Acoustic 11 Experimental 11 Easy Listening 8 Ambient 6 Electronic 6 Chill out 5 Ethnic 4 Gothic 4 Alternative Rock 4 Folk 3
I played the piano since I was 15 years. For some time I devote myself to the composition with the VST. I teach Italian Literature and History in a High School in Umbria (Italy). Generally, my music have cultural references in the classical tradition. It is almost never easy, commercial. So maybe i'll sell less than many others. I do not care, the important thing is that i enjoy. Thank Melodyloops to accept still my loops, even if it does not make them enrich! My full tracks are on pond5 and audiojungle (search artist Europeanart)
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