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Royalty free French music

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Lovely acoustic background music for videos, blog, slideshow and more. Romantic French mood. Beautiful melody on acoustic guitars, harmonica, bass, percussion and Irish bouzouki.
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If you have a project related to France, Paris or Eiffel Tower you wont find music more suitable than this. Uplifting melody of a traditional accordion tune, conveys a happy and care free atmosphere of positivity and holiday.
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'French Jazz FreeStyle' is a cool jazz guitar improvisation in a french jazz style
1:09 , 2:50, 2:50U
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Delicious melody in Argentine tango style. Featuring acoustic guitars, bass, percussion, harmonica. Perfect for passionate and romantic films, nostalgic mood, evocative moments, Paris cafe ambience.
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Light and pulsing, featuring emotive piano that creates a heartwarming and tender mood.
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This is a jazzy gypsy happy music, full of fun and rhythm. Great for French and Italian style projects, funny comedy jazz scenes, cooking shows background, restaurant and happy food music and much more.
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Charming and light French waltz, performed by strings, accordion, and acoustic guitar. A beautiful underscore for a romantic movie, celebration, Paris holidays, wedding dance music, or if you want to add class to your project.
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Accordion music for a good mood. A simple melody plunges into the atmosphere of childhood, traditional fair, a weekend in Paris, Oktoberfest also reminds of carousel or circus music.
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Beautiful melody with optimistic vibe and mood of the french air.
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Romantic style French Accordion waltz with acoustic guitar accompaniment containing slight circus style themed elements. Suggests cafe or French street scene. Also useful for parody/comedy around a French theme or Valentines presentation.
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Beautiful jazz melody. Used guitars, piano, shaker, acoustic bass and accordion. Good for your travel or romantic video.
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Dramatic and passionate cinematic music. Deep accordion chords create a unique romantic mood to the scenes of partying and the fatal love. Suitable for fashion video clips. In the style of Gotan Project.
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Welcome to cabaret! Funny and beautiful girls wearing colourful dresses, elegant men smoking expensive cigars and french tango music are there for you.
1:51 , 1:00U, 2:51
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Tango-inspired arrangement of accordion, upright bass and percussion suggested to underscore scenes involving cafes, restaurants, and patios. Also for vacation slideshows, romantic French atmosphere and world travel sequences. Key of C minor modulates to D minor, 136 bpm.
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A clever cultivated commercial track with a little spice. Modern, sophisticated and a bit jazzy. Lasts for 30 seconds and is loopable.
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Energetic hip hop track with a some French flavour. It features accordion and dubstep synths. Good for urban video.
0:48 , 0:32, 0:59, 2:38
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Urban music from Buenos Aires with modern beats. The first part with a catchy groove and second part with sensitive strings. This new tango music is organic, positive and deep. Similar to Gotan Project.
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This is a fun music that features acoustic guitars, bass and harmonica. This song will work great for light and ironic moods, and is especially ideal for humorous projects.
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Soft and touching acoustic relaxing music, featuring piano and harmonica. Works well for french style background music, cute videos, romantic melodrama, heartwarming scenes, light commercials showing good times, family reunion, travel to Paris, fulfillment of a dream, and more.
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This funny and a bit goofy track with accordion, xylophone, trumpet, and marimba. Would work well as circus theme, clown show, booze party or other funny moments.
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Here there is a soulful and ethereal instrumental song with a french taste melody perfect for love scenes or commercial TV of beauty products.
1:35 , 2:14, 2:15U
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Happy and cheerful upbeat Christmas hit, with an original introductory section and interludes. Perfect for any winter holidays themed video or TV commercial. Thank you for listening and Merry Christmas!
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A slow traditional French style track featuring traditional instruments such as Accordion, Dulcimer and French Fiddle. Ideal for slow romantic projects, or travel and tourism purposes requiring French style elements.
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An evocative waltz track in French style starts with a small orchestra and a melancholy musette. After the natural develop of the melody, a big orchestra comes to show the power of the main part. Perfect Mediterranean folk style mixed with a cinematic mood.
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French Fiddle, Dulcimer and Piano create this slow, easy and upper class slow ball room style dance track with a romantic sensual edge oozing with style and class. The melody boasts contemporary unique style with traditional French Elements.
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Lyrical and romantic mood song. Love and spring in Paris, featuring acoustic guitars, bass, percussion, and accordion. Ideal for love stories, holiday trips, and lovely promenade through the streets. Great for any project that needs French allure and charm.
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Acoustic folk waltz loop with traditional Mediterranean instruments. Beautiful inspiring melody played by mandolin. Authentic sounds and atmosphere, reminiscent of classic Italian songs. A truly romantic, suggestive, inspiring tune.
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That's a great waltz musette tune in french style. You can hear the mediterranean folk style perfect for romantic or melancholic scenes.
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A casual, mellow track with many French elements and characteristics with a slight romantic laid-back edge. Ideal if used with French cuisine/food for advertising purposes.
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Lazy Electric guitar, bass, drums, dulcimer combine to create this laid back, slightly romantic French style track, useful for slow and easy scenes which could be backed with romantic vocals. Ideal for scenes requiring a slow ball room or dinner dance. The melody edges towards upper class projects, great if combined with wine, food or contemporary themed projects.
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Good, catchy tune that people will like and remember. Song has popular French instruments like accordion, violins, and acoustic guitar. Perfect for rural scenes, village life, nature landscapes, traditional lifestyle etc.
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A very unique piece of music! It's a retro, nostalgic snappy tune played by Accordion accompanied by strings, horns, woodwinds, piano and percussion. This funny, emotional, orchestral track would fit perfectly to trailers, commercials, motivational videos, corporate uses, product promos, presentations, TV , film and much more.
There are a number of diverse musical styles that originate in France. French music dates back as early as the 10th century where instruments such as the fiddle were very popular. French music in the early days was categorized in to Ars Nova (new art) and Ars Subtilior (subtle art). Edith Piaf is a great example of classic French music. She was discovered in 1935 and is most famous for her beautiful song. “La Vie en Rose”.

When we think of France we think of romance. This is something the French do perfectly and it is reflected in their musical stylings throughout many time periods. An iconic romance song is “Parlez-Moi d’Amour” by Lucienne Boyer, literally translated as “Speak to me of Love”. The song is featured in the recent movie, ‘Midnight in Paris’.

During the classical period of French music, artists including Claude Balbastre, Chelard, and Jacques Duphly were well known and recognized. This period of music lasted from 1750 to 1820, which was around the time famous composer Beethoven died. Music during the classic area tended to be soft and light and had a nice clear texture, unlike its predecessor the Baroque period which was louder and dramatic.

Traditional or folk music was common in the early twentieth century but had a revival in France during the fifties and sixties. One of the most popular traditional music stars being band Perlinpinpin who formed in 1974. Traditional French music has become increasingly popular today due to tourism. They focus on very early twentieth century style music and often use a Piano Accordion.

The accordion has European roots which is likely the reason it was so popular in French music. The typical style of an accordion features either a piano (keyboard) or buttons (diatonic and chromatic) at one end and pallets at the other end known as reeds. The simultaneous extension and compression alongside the playing of piano keys or the buttons is what makes the accordion’s unique sound. Famous French accordionists include Marcel Azzola, Gerard Barreaux and more recently, Serge Gainsbourg.

Pop music became very popular in France during the 1960s, it is heavily influenced by American rock and roll and popular artists include AaRON. Gerard Lenorman and Eddy Mitchel. In France people do also listen to English pop music songs but the laws in France state that at least 40% of pop music played on the radio must be by French artists, which is likely why they are so popular.

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